Corporate finance



Based on the operating needs of its clients Clairfid Advisory offers a careful and targeted corporate advisory service.

Clairfid Advisory supports and follows the entrepreneur in valuing and taking strategic decision for the development and continuity of his company.

Additionally Clairfid Advisory offers its clients the following services:

  • Book keeping, accounting and related services
  • Business plan
  • Assumption of corporate charges/positions
  • Support in setting up a business
  • other services based on our client’s needs
What we offer
  • A trusted partner with whom freely discuss about his company/projects, in an environment of total confidentiality
  • A highly qualified advisory service that understand and satisfy our clients' needs
  • In-house solutions and an extended network of independent service providers for complementary services
  • A careful implementation and service execution aimed at a long lasting working relationship
Ordinary finance
  • Book keeping and related accounting services
  • Filling of company tax returns
  • Analysis and valuation of budgets
  • Support in dealing with institutional counterparties
  • Assumption of corporate charges/positions
Advisory services
  • Analysis and preparation of business plan
  • Valuation on investment projects/ideas
  • Valuation of company, merged companies
  • Identification of strategic partner for the development and continuity of the company
  • Succession planning for the company (holding structure)