Asset management



Clairfid Advisory's objective is to offer flexible and tailor made solutions that are easily adaptable to our clients’ needs. In order to ensure a flexible and independent service Clairfid Advisory collaborates with various depositary banks in Switzerland and abroad.

After a careful analysis of the investment objectives and risk profile of our client, Clairfid Advisory would recommend two forms of mandates:

  • Management mandate
  • Advisory mandate

Thanks to regular and direct contacts, the clients can always control and review its investment objectives and define new investments guidelines for his portfolio.

Depository bank
  • The client opens a banking relation at a bank of his choice
  • Clairfid Advisory supports the clients with all formalities in opening a banking relation
  • The client grants a limited power of administration for financial intermediaries to Clairfid Advisory. The limited power of administration explicitly limits Clairfid Advisory only to the management of the portfolio ensuring maximum security regarding the handling of the client's wealth
  • At the client full discretion, the limited power of administration is revocable at any time
Management mandate
  • The management of the portfolio is delegated to Clairfid Advisory
  • In conformity with the client's profile, Clairfid Advisory defines and implements an investment strategy
  • The client has full flexibility in setting particular conditions within the mandate
  • Products/investments can be easily excluded from the mandate
  • The strategy and the investment objectives are reviewed on a regular basis together with the client
Advisory mandate
  • The administration of the portfolio is coordinated directly with the client
  • In conformity with the client's profile, Clairfid Advisory defines an investment strategy
  • Regular and frequent contacts are maintained in order to offer a tailor-made solution
  • The investment strategy is only implemented after formal approval from the client